Matt Fairbanks

My vision for this page is to give anyone who’s interested an more in depth view of who I am, my professional life, my interests, and the many topics I’m fascinated with. You’ll find work related experience and insight into my creative side and worldview.

Career and Education


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Creative & Lifestyle


I’ve uploaded some videos of me playing guitar. I hope you’ll enjoy checking these out!

Food (Coming Soon!)

These are some of my favorite foods that i’ve made. Be sure to try them you won’t regret it! I’ll be sure to post more recipes in the future.


I’ll be keeping a log of my progress on here and posting my weekly workouts.

Blog (Coming Soon!)

A lot of people say you should have a niche for a blog but this will just be an accumulation of whatever comes to my mind. I’m always open to feedback and discussion if anyone would like to email me.